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Russian web site translation is only a part of our service. Please find below some frequently asked questions to help you to better understand translation industry and make the most of my English Russian translation service.

Frequently Asked Questions

General questions about translation
Questions about my English Russian translation service
Russian website translation and localisation
Specific translation needs

General questions about translation

Why should I use a professional translator?

Professional translators possess the necessary skills to translate your document accurately and gracefully. Simply knowing both languages (the 'source language' and the 'target language') is not enough to produce a quality translation. Talented translators who possess necessary professional skills and experience will be able to not only convert the words and sentences into another language, but also convey the nuances and tone of a document, so that it will achieve the same affect on the 'target language reader' as it did on the original reader. If you just need to get an idea of what a document is about, you may be able to get by without a professional translator. However, if you want a complete and accurate translation, or if it is important to you that your message comes across perfectly in another language, you must always use the services of a professional translator.

What about machine translation and free internet translation sites?
The subject of machine translation is controversial. Although many translators use various software tools which help them reach higher productivity ('Computer Assisted Translation' or CAT tools), the quality of translations done entirely by computers is still very mediocre. It is generally agreed that machine translators will never entirely replace human translators.

Several internet sites offer 'free translation' services - you are asked to enter your text in a field, and the program returns your translation. This may be useful for translating single words or even very short texts, if they are very straightforward. It can also be used to find out roughly what the document is about, so that you can decide if you need to have it translated. These services, however, are extremely inaccurate for long texts, and should not be relied upon if you need a proper translation for personal or business use. Please follow this link Automatic Translation Software Services for more information about this subject.

I need a translation from / into another language. Where can I find a translator?
I am currently developing a directory within this website with links to other languages providers. Meanwhile, you can follow this link English to Russian translation directory where you can find translators of other languages as well as many other useful resources.

What is the difference between translating and interpreting?

A translator works with written texts, while an interpreter works with the spoken language. For more information on rates and placing a translation order, please visit Placing an Order.

Questions about my English Russian translation service

How do I know I'm getting a good translation? What are your qualifications?

I have been a professional Russian translator for over eight years, and have gained extensive experience in the translation industry. Please have a look at the following sections within my website; Why choose me as your Russian translator?, and About me for more details on my qualifications, work and translation experience.

What kind of software do you use?

To find a list of my equipment please go to my home office section of this website.

Can I see some samples of your translation work?
Samples of my English Russian translation work can be sent upon request.

Can you notarize or certify my translation?
I am not a notary public and therefore cannot notarize your translation. I can, however, affix a signed declaration to my Russian translation, stating my qualifications and that the translation is complete and accurate. This declaration is sufficient for many official purposes (including legal proceedings, in some cases), but you should verify whether it will be acceptable for your needs. I may notarize my translations at a UK notary office upon request. Please note that there will be additional charge for this service.

How do I get in touch with you? How do I send you the text I need translated?
You may contact me by e-mail, phone or mail at your convenience. Please provide me with a full description of the text you need translated (what language it is in, what the subject matter is, how long it is (word count), how soon you need it, what the purpose of translation is – whether it is for information or publication - and the required delivery date (any previous versions or glossaries are also helpful) and any other important information) and I will respond to your query as soon as possible.

Documents for translation can be sent via email, fax or mail. If you are sending an e-mail attachment, please identify yourself and include an explanation of what the document is and why you are sending it - attachments from unidentified senders will be deleted unopened. Please do not send very large attachments (over 2MG) without contacting me first. Please have a look at how to order your English Russian translation to find more information about receiving a free non-obligation quote or placing an order.

How long will it take to get my English Russian translation?

The length of time needed to complete your translation will depend primarily on the amount of material. Other factors include the extent of research required, as well as any special formatting requirements. As a general guideline, my translation output is 2000 words per day.

How much will my translation cost?
The English to Russian translation payment page of this website explains my fee policy in detail. Rates are calculated according to a variety of factors.

What is a 'minimum fee'? What if I only have one word or one sentence to translate - can't you do it for free?
Most translators (much like many other service providers) have a minimum fee policy. This means that if the total cost of the service you need does not reach a certain price, the 'minimum fee' will be applied. For example, if you need 50 words translated at a rate of GBP 0.06 per word, you will be charged the minimum fee (GBP25, in my case) rather than the GBP 3 total.

How do I pay for my translation?
I accept payments by UK cheques, direct transfers as well as all major credit cards through Ikobo or Paypal. When I send you your translation, I will also send an invoice which will include instructions on how to use these services should you prefer to use them. Please note that all transfer fees (which are very reasonable) are paid by customer.

Russian website translation and localisation

Do you translate websites?

Yes. I can translate your website from English to Russian and format the translation into HTML, so that all you need to do is simply upload your translated web pages. Please visit my Russian website localisation page for more details.

My website has many pages. Can you translate parts of it?

Yes. Simply inform me which pages or parts of the site you wish to be translated. Don't worry if parts of your site remain in the English language as I can design a page that informs visitors when they click on a link to a page in another language.

How will a Russian audience find my site?

The keyword and description tags are also translated which helps the search engines locate your translated pages.

What if we receive an email in Russian and don't understand it?

My Email translation service ensures that you will be able to understand and respond to correspondence from Russian contacts.

How can we view Cyrillic, or type Cyrillic, on our computer?

If your computer runs Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, or Windows XP, you shouldn't have to do anything special to view Cyrillic text, though occasionally some special circumstances, (e.g., files that use old font encodings, or an incompatible printer) may prevent your computer from displaying Cyrillic properly. We can generally help resolve such problems.

In order to type in Cyrillic you will need to use a compatible font, and it would be advisable to obtain a Cyrillic keyboard. You can read more about this subject following this link office and formatting solutions.

How can we print out Russian texts?

To print Russian document from a non-Cyrillic system, an Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file is usually the most trouble-free method. We will provide you with a PDF version of the translated material if needed.

Specific Translation Needs

I'd like to get a tattoo in Cyrillic letters - can you do that for me?

Absolutely! I have a number of clients who wanted Cyrillic text for their tattoos. I can provide you with the translation in a number of different fonts, so that you can choose a style you like for your tattoo.
Please note that there is a minimum fee of GBP 25 for this service. (See the Payment section of this FAQ to understand why).

I need to send a letter to Russia, can you help?

Of course I can. Quite often I receive requests for translating addresses so that correspondence etc could be sent to the former CIS countries. I can also provide you with cultural advice.

I have some letters/diaries/memoirs written by a family member in Russian. Can you translate them for me?

Yes. I have translated many documents of this type. I will need to see the entire document, in order to determine whether it is something I can translate. These types of documents can sometimes be problematic due to legibility issues, difficult handwriting, interspersion of other languages and so forth.

Can you translate a business card for me?
Yes. I have a number of clients, individuals and businesses, who I am translating business cards into Russian for on a regular basis. If you are going to visit Russia or any CIS country you should consider having your business card translated in to Russian.

If you are interested in my services as a Russian translator please do not hesitate to contact me and put me on charge of your English Russian translation needs.


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